NEWS FLASH! Upcoming Cartoon Network Mobile Game


Woot! We are so happy to announce our first upcoming game! Dynamite’s Action News!
If you are in Boston, come get an exclusive play session at the Cartoon Network’s booth (#20055) throughout PAX East 2017!

Our artist Conley Smith will be participating in the “Cartoon Network Games: Going Indie with Steven Universe & OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes,” panel on Saturday, March 11 at 10 a.m. in the Dragonfly Theater


GDC 2017


We are in beautiful San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference 2017! Hopefully we get the chance to bump into ya’ll and chat about our roles in the industry and the future of gaming! We will be wandering around the booths and experiencing the many installations abound as well as taking notes at the many thoughtful presentations.

We also plan to attend That Party and the free Github Gathering!
See you there!~


Monster Buds


We made some time in our busy development schedule to participate in itchi.o’s GBJAM5.

Make friends, shake trees, trade items, fish, and more in the peaceful world of Monster Buds! You and a few friendly monsters have all made your homes in an idyllic meadow with ponds and the ocean just a short walk away! Monsters love it when you bring them fruit and fish, and will trade you something in return.