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Picture of Jackson Lango Jackson Lango
A games programmer that started out as a hobbyist back in the Newgrounds era. He created Canvasser and Street DnD, and plans to one day make the best game.
Picture of Conley Smith Conley Smith
An artist with a background in illustration and comics. Conley decided she wanted to do art for video games in some capacity at age 8, when she thought it would probably be a good excuse to draw dinosaurs.
Picture of Nathan Franks Nathan Franks
A music composer who's worked on many game jams and a few cartoons. They've always found a great pleasure playing with the relationship between audio and visuals. They're into nostalgic chip tune melodies, odd time signatures, and the experimental.


Camp Horror Camp Horror Prototype (WIP)

We wanted to put our own twist on classic horror tropes by focusing on group dynamics and persuasion. Can you convince your group to come along with you, or will they go their own path? This work in progress prototype explores what that might be like!
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Monster Buds Monster Buds
Unity C#

A game inspired by Animal Crossing where you live in a village of friendly monsters that you can talk to and trade items with. You can also plant trees, go fishing, and do a bunch of other peaceful activities.
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Rhythmica Rhythmica
Unity C#

A rhythm microgame / prototype made for the 2016 Global Game Jam.
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A question mark in a box to convey an air of mystery More?
Right now we're working on a Unity C# mobile game and a JavaScript web game. These have yet to be announced, but more info will be coming soon!


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